The metro line has already changed Keilaniemi’s surroundings significantly. The construction of office and residential buildings will increase the density of the area and make it livelier and more attractive in the coming years. All in all, it is expected that about EUR 1 billion will be invested in development and construction in Keilaniemi.

The tunnel built for Ring Road was opened in 2019. There are plans to build a 161-metre office and hotel tower as a new landmark on the Keilaniemi shore. The lower floors of the tower will serve as congress, restaurant and cafeteria premises, offering a vista over the Waterfront Walkway. The new office and hotel tower will be completed in 2022.

Many attended open house in the Kehä I tunnel.
Many attended open house in the Kehä I tunnel. Photo: Juha Kalaoja.

Accountor Tower – previously known as the Fortum Head Office – will become a modern office building. A scenic restaurant will be opened at the top of the tower.

The entire shore zone will undergo extensive development. A planning reservation has been made for a high-grade restaurant pavilion on the Keilaniemi shore. Diverse infill construction is being planned next to Keilarannanpuisto.