Keilaniemi is famous for being a district where several important listed companies have established their headquarters. The Keilaniemi business cluster is important for the entire Finland, as more than half of the volume of transactions at the Helsinki Stock Exchange depends on the companies located in Keilaniemi.

In the coming years, Keilaniemi will be developed into an increasingly diverse, international business, research and innovation hub whose residents have easy access to high-quality services.

The metro, the upcoming Jokeri Light Rail line and Aalto University in the immediate vicinity serve as excellent cornerstones of Keilaniemi’s development.

High-rise buildings are Keilaniemi’s landmark, and more will be built in the future. There are plans for up to 40-storey residential buildings and a 161-metre-high office and hotel tower.

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Further information:

Project Director Antti Mäkinen,, +358 50 593 1339.