My Espoo on the Map survey inspired Espoo residents to come up with ideas for their city

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2021-01-18 16:33

In the My Espoo on the Map survey, Espoo residents told us what Espoo looks and feels like in their everyday lives. Between August and October, around 6,600 Espoo residents responded to the survey. They marked nearly 70,000 places and development ideas important to them on a digital map.

“To my knowledge, this is the largest amount of city-specific material that has been collected in Finland,” says Marketta Kyttä, Professor of Land Use Planning at Aalto University. “I am especially happy and surprised that young people participated in such numbers.”

Mun Espoo kartalla, kuvituskuva.
My Espoo has recreational areas and squares as well as leisure services by the water and nature. Ideapictures, based on survey: Rasmus Rosenblad, City Planning Department..
Responses from Espoo residents:

“The parking lot should be replaced with apartments.”
“There should definitely be a roundabout in this intersection!”
“A path around this forest”

“We need a dog park in the area!”
“A Venice-type district in Keilaniemi.”

Information offered by Espoo residents will be used in planning

“I am delighted that Espoo residents considered the survey meaningful and responded so enthusiastically! We received a lot of valuable information on the everyday lives of our residents, which we will use in planning in the coming years,” says Planning Manager Johanna Palomäki.

The results of the My Espoo on the Map survey will be analysed and incorporated into the information resource based on which the city is developed. The residents’ experience-based knowledge and development ideas are available to all professionals involved in city planning.

The survey was carried out in cooperation with Aalto University. The analysis of the material has started at the Espoo City Planning Department and Aalto University where the material is processed as part of the NordGreen project, which explores the health-enhancing effects of the local environment.

Young people’s future Espoo is pleasant, green and safe

Young people are often underrepresented in these kinds of studies. The City Planning Department carried out a simplified survey for young people in cooperation with Education and Cultural Services and Omnia. Young people were given the opportunity to respond to the survey as part of their schoolwork, and teachers were provided with a teaching package. Almost 2,500 young Espoo residents aged 12–18 responded to the survey.

Young people envisioned that their future Espoo would be a modern city, where nature is close by and people live in an ecological way. They would like to have more places to spend time at and more things to do, better public transport and more bicycle paths. Young people expect adults to be responsible and to take care of safety.

Responses from young people:

“Let’s repair the old or replace the old with the new; this will help save the environment.”

“You should put a red light camera here because every time I go to school, someone drives through the red light.”

“Espoo should make the city as bicycle-friendly as possible.
All young people like cycling.”

“More places to hang out for young people!”

Development ideas will be published on Espoo’s website

The analysis of the material produced by Espoo residents has begun at the Espoo City Planning Department and Aalto University. The material will not expire quickly and will serve both research and planning for several years.

First, the City Planning Department has examined the residents’ development ideas. Illustrated compilations of these have now been published on the Espoo website, and there are more to come during the spring of 2021. More results will be published as the analysis of the material proceeds.

The My Espoo on the Map survey was carried out in parallel with the My Future Espoo survey related to the Espoo Story. The results of the surveys will also be presented in Espoo Magazine in March 2021.

My Espoo on the Map: residents’ development ideas

Further information:
Planning Manager Johanna Palomäki, 040 849 0890
Researcher, 043 825 5231