Acknowledgement for Kauklahti

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2018-08-28 11:55

Kauklahti-seura ry was awarded the prize as an Espoo community and the fishmonger Max Grönholm received the prize as an Espoo native. The prize for an educational community was awarded to Espoon Icehearts ry. The awards granted by Mayor Jukka Mäkelä were presented on 24 August 2018 during the Espoo Day celebrations at the Espoo Manor.

For its own part, Kauklahti-seura has succeeded in increasing the community spirit of the residents of Kauklahti. Kauklahti-seura has an important role as a coordinator, organiser, platform and prompter of diverse resident activity. The work of the association had a significant impact on the acknowledgement of Kauklahti as the District of the Year 2018 by the Finnish Local Heritage Federation.

In the fishmonger’s shop which he has founded in Kauklahti, the fishmonger Max Grönholm has successfully implemented his vision of good, comprehensive customer service, which is not just about selling quality food but also about lifting the spirits and improving the well-being of his customers and residents free of charge.  The shopkeeper sets an example of the significance of small and speciality shops and corporate collaboration for a comfortable city and functional community.

Espoon Icehearts has four boys’ teams and two girls’ teams. The educators and instructors of the teams as well as the leader of the activities, Espoo’s Icehearts ambassador Jyrki Tuukkanen, have done valuable work for children and the whole city with their professional skills, absolute commitment, true heart and inexhaustible enthusiasm. Icehearts offers long-term, comprehensive support for children. The operational model is based on a set of values that gives every child an opportunity. It supports the growth of a child to become a confident team member who is considerate towards others. Espoon Icehearts is building a socially sustainable Espoo.