Housing and services

Finnoo will have smooth public transport connections. One of the new stations of the West Metro line extension will be in the centre of Finnoo, easily and safely accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. According to current knowledge, the metro line extension will be commissioned in 2023.

Illustration: Centre of Finnoo

Diverse public and private services have been planned for Finnoo:

• The area plan has a provision for two comprehensive schools and several day-care centres.

Children on the way to school

• Most commercial services are located near the metro station in the centre. Workplaces are concentrated in the centre along the Länsiväylä highway and the port services are in the coastal area.

Workplace in Finnoo

• Finnoo’s own local services will be within walking distance.

• At the early stages of the construction work, the new residents have access to, for example, the services provided by the Iso Omena shopping centre in Matinkylä as well as services in Espoonlahti.

Finnoo will allow easy and safe movement without generating emissions. There will be pedestrian streets in the centre. Pedestrian and bicycle routes and car traffic will be separated. Parking will be centralised into separate parking facilities.

Blocks of flats will be built in four different areas: the modern metro centre, green Djupsundsbäcken, Finnoonsatama by the sea and Finnoonkartano in the northern part. The areas will be connected by verdant parks.


The centre of Finnoo will see the construction of the metro station, shopping centre and high-rise housing with great views. The maritime residential area of Finnoonsatama will be built around the marina, which will be a common living room for the residents with its public square and cafés.

Illustration: Finnoon keskus

Finnoo will have excellent recreational areas, and nature is nearby. The Finnoo basin with its valuable birdlife and the core part of the Finnoviken wetlands have been established as nature reserves.

Sea and birds

In Finnish texts, two different names are used to refer to the area: Finnoo and Suomenoja. They are both based on the Swedish name Finno. In the early 2000s, the City of Espoo decided that the name Finnoo will be used for official purposes, and the new metro station was also named Finnoo.