High-rise buildings and 2,000 new residents planned for the Finnoo metro station area

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2020-09-16 8:36

The construction of the new Finnoo district in Espoo is picking up speed. The next step is the planning of the surroundings of the Finnoo metro centre. The plans include high-rise buildings with up to 23 storeys, in addition to other construction.

Illustration of western block courtyard with people walking and cycling.
New high-rise buildings are planned for the area surrounding the Finnoo metro centre. Illustration: Arkkitehtitoimisto Ajak Oy.

The entity, named the Matroonankatu area, will feature approximately 100,000 square metres of housing construction, the first daycare centre in Finnoo and commercial premises. Roughly 2,000 new residents will be able to move into the area. The area is located some 150–400 metres from the Finnoo metro station.

The housing sites are developed by JM Suomi Oy, Ultivista Oy and Asuntosäätiö. The land areas are currently owned either privately or by the City. The construction is estimated to start in late 2021.

The City Board decided on the Matroonankatu local detailed plan and the associated land use contracts on 7 September. The City Council will make the final decision.

Finnoo is being built from the best bits

By the end of the 2030s, Finnoo will have grown into a district of 17,000 residents, the strengths of which are the proximity to the sea, local nature and excellent transport connections. The metro station, opening in 2023, will connect the area to the regional and national rail network. The first apartments in Finnoo are currently being built, and new residents will arrive in 2021.