Stretching from the Länsiväylä highway to the seashore, the city district of Finnoo will be home to 17,000 residents, its high-rise centre to be built on top of the metro station. The seashore and its services will be an inseparable part of the district and provide a shared living room for townsfolk throughout the year.

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Housing construction in Finnoo has already begun. Skanska (in Finnish) is building an 8-storey apartment building in the Finnoonkallio area, right next to the Finnoo metro station. The building is expected to be completed in September 2021. Kruunuasunnot will have a 8-storey rental apartment builing Peijinkuja 3 (in Finnish) that is estimated to be completed early 2022. Lujatalo has also started building an 12-storey apartment building Espoo Cyclone. T2H is building an 8-storey apartment building called Espoon Fiini (in Finnish). The majority of the city district will be completed in the 2030s.

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An illustration of Finnoonkallio.
A visualisation of housing company Reimari. Image by: Skanska.

Finnoo is built along the metro line. Functional public transport connections will be available from there to other districts in Espoo and Helsinki city centre. Finnoo’s own services will be built within walking distance, allowing easy movement without generating emissions. Finnoo is being developed as an energy-efficient model area for sustainable development.

Population of 17,000. Along the metro line. Energy efficient and low-carbon district

Housing, jobs and services intertwined

High-rise apartments in Finnoo by the sea offer comfortable living for different groups of people.

Commercial services will be concentrated around the metro station, and plots suitable for business activity will also be located alongside Länsiväylä.

The seashore provides many opportunities for services, hobbies and recreation. There will be shuttle boat links from the Finnoonsatama marina to the city’s several outdoor recreation islands.

Further information:

Project Director Kimmo Leivo,, +358 50 340 9723.

Map of Finnoo