Housing and services

Some 10,000 new residents are expected to move to Espoon keskus in the next three decades. In other words, new homes are needed! As the district develops further, some 2,000 new jobs will also emerge.

The construction of new housing has started in Espoon keskus. The new residential area north of the station, close to various services, is almost completed.

A versatile location for events and encounters called the Vaakunatori square will be built next to the residential block.

In addition to the surroundings of Vaakunatori, new homes will also be built in Suviniitty in the near future. The construction of the Suviniitty neighbourhood will continue for approximately three years. Its new day-care centre will be completed in 2020. About a thousand new residents will move to Suviniitty in the coming years.

Espoon keskus has Finnish- and Swedish-speaking schools and day-care centres, a health centre, swimming hall, sports park and other city services and a variety of commercial services.

Children sit among colourful beanbags on the floor in Entresse Library.
Entresse Library. Photo: Kimmo Brandt / Compic.

The shopping centre Entresse includes a library, the City Archives and more than 40 specialty stores. The shopping centre Espoontori includes one of the Service Points of the City of Espoo and more than 30 shops. The shopping centres are expected to expand their operations in the near future. New homes for some 350 people will also be added to the shopping centres.

The nearby areas of Muurla and Lommila include more specialised stores, and grocery shops will also become available in these areas.

The campus of the Omnia municipal federation of education is located in the area, providing versatile vocational education. Omnia is attended by more than 10,000 students every year. Half of them study in Espoon keskus.

Espoon keskus is the gate to the capital region and to nature in Nuuksio. The station has good bus connections to Haltia and other attractive outdoor services in Northern Espoo. The station is also easily accessible by bus. Park-and-ride services are available for both bicycles and cars.


Service tokens on the map:

Purple: Daycare

Green: School

Red: Hospital or health center

Turquoise: Dental Clinic

Clicking on the color mark will display the name and address of the service.

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