Espoo develops Matinkylä and Espoon keskus through the suburban programme

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2020-11-02 15:50

The City of Espoo has been approved to participate in the suburban programme coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment. The aim of the programme is to prevent the segregation of residential areas, increase the well-being and participation of residents, promote the vitality of residential areas and ensure a good level of services and housing. The target areas in Espoo are Matinkylä and Espoon keskus. 

The municipalities approved for the suburban programme 2020–2022 can apply for a development grant from the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA). The grant covers a maximum of 35% of the project costs.

Old apartment buildings in Matinkylä.
Matinkylä area in Espoo with its 50-year old apartment buildings.

Old parts of Matinkylä will be integrated into the modern centre 

The Matinkylä target area, which is located south of the Länsiväylä motorway, has more than 9,000 apartments and some 16,000 residents. There are newer buildings around the Iso Omena shopping centre and in the southern parts of Matinkylä, but a large part of Matinkylä consists of 50-year-old apartment buildings in need of renovation. In the suburban programme, urban development will be extended to cover these old apartment building areas, and by improving the quality of the local environment, these areas will be integrated into the modern metro centre. 

Espoon keskus will become more functional 

The Espoon keskus target area has approximately 7,000 apartments, housing nearly 13,000 residents. The area has been developed for a long time, and one aim of the newly launched suburban programme is to finalise several major projects that will make Espoon keskus more attractive and functional.

The suburban programme aims at joint development  

The grants awarded through the suburban programme are intended for developing, planning and investing in the target suburbs.

“The suburban programme highlights the need to develop old residential areas. We tend to focus on new construction, but our old buildings and their surroundings also deserve our attention,” says Project Manager Kai Fogelholm from the City of Espoo. 

In particular, parks and pedestrian and cycle paths will be developed in the project. The development work will emphasise the opportunities for resident participation and deepen cooperation between the city’s organisations. 

Learn more about the suburban programme and its target areas (in Finnish)