Vermonniitty breaks the record in Espoo

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2019-05-17 11:15

Last year, more floor square metres began to be built in the Vermonniitty area than ever before during this millennium in Espoo.

The Vermonniitty residential area made history last year. The area was granted go-ahead permits for 53,000 floor square metres.

“It’s a record-high in Espoo in the 21st century,” says Olli Isotalo, Head of Technical and Environment Services. 

“In Vermonniitty, we make urban building possible in line with the city’s sustainable development goals. Housing, services and jobs in Vermonniitty are all accessible with excellent public transport connections,” Isotalo continues. 

For many, Vermonniitty brings the Vermo racetrack to mind. Apart from the Siemens factory area, the area encompassed nothing but meadow until 2017. Then, the plan project initiated by landowners in 2008 entered into force. New building work could finally begin.

Housing construction has been picking up pace. Work has already been completed for six buildings. Residents have already moved in at two tower blocks with 16 floors and four slab blocks with 5–8 floors have. There will be as many as 40,000 completed floor square metres by the spring of 2019.

A total of 227,000 floor square metres have been reserved for housing in Vermonniitty. This means new homes for approximately six thousand residents.  

Illustration of high-rise residential buildings in Vermonniitty
Versatile services and recreational opportunities are available within walking distance in Vermonniitty. Conceptual rendering: Tietoa Finland Oy.

Located in the midst of everything  

Vermonniitty’s location is ideal. There are numerous versatile services and recreational opportunities within walking distance. The Tali outdoor recreation area is next to the racetrack, and you can access Ruukinranta and Laajalahti’s Natura area by the sea through the tunnel. In the west, great activities are on offer at the Leppävaara Sports Park and the open-air swimming pool, adventure park and outdoor recreation routes. 

The Vermonsolmu junction towards Turunväylä was completed in 2010, improving the accessibility of the area.

In terms of transit connections, the area is ideal for non-drivers, too. The Leppävaara train station is approximately a kilometre away. The train takes you to Helsinki’s main railway station in 13 minutes or to Kauklahti in 17 minutes. Bus connections in the Leppävaara region will also be improved in the coming years.

Jokeri Light Rail, to be completed in the 2020s, will further improve transport connections. All in all, the Perkkaa and Vermonniitty area will see three new Jokeri Light Rail stops.

Active urban life

Due to the area’s excellent location in the middle of everything, Bonava had a good reason to start housing construction in Vermonniitty.

“It’s close to everything and it’s always easy to come home. Our goal is to build at least 650 apartments here,” says Liisa Bäckström, Head of Unit of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area at Bonava Finland.

“The neighbourhood that we built is exceptionally spacious and right next to a brook. All apartments at our completed sites have been sold and we have even broken sales records,” Bäckström reveals. 
There will be owner-occupied and rental dwellings in Vermonniitty. Homes of various sizes attract many kinds of residents.

“New apartments are often acquired by older couples but, compared to some other areas, we clearly have more young people buying their first apartment as well as families with children in Vermonniitty.”

Aerial view of blocks in Vermonniitty
New homes will be built for approximately six thousand residents in Vermonniitty. Conceptual rendering: Tietoa Finland Oy.

A new school in Perkkaa

According to Project Director Mika Rantala, environmental construction in Vermonniitty has already been praised by residents of the area and surrounding areas. The modern wooden bridges of Perilä and Meriradionpolku, built by the Public Works Department, have been taken into account in the field of wood construction.

The re-routing of Monikonpuro brook, which caused controversy, seems to have been successful because trouts have been found in the brook after the modification work.

According to Rantala, the infrastructure in Vermonniitty is mostly completed save some finishing touches to be added to the streets. Building work of the parks will begin this year.

The new comprehensive school of Perkkaanpuisto will be built at the location of the Siemens office premises. It will accommodate 700 pupils. There will also be a day-care centre for 120 children in connection with the school. The project will be finished by the 2023 autumn term.

The core of entire Vermonniitty, Kössi Koskinen’s square, will be built near the school, east of Majurinkatu. There will be a marketplace, facilities for resident meetings, a grocery store and business premises for small stores at street level.  

Illustration of Runoratsunpuisto park in Vermonniitty
Infrastructure of Vermonniitty is mainly completed. Building work of the parks will start this year. Conceptual rendering: Tietoa Finland Oy.

Hatsinanpuisto revamped

Formerly surrounded by a meadow, the Vermo racetrack suddenly finds itself in an urban milieu. 

“Vermo’s goal is to take on a more active role in the area and start providing more events for the residents of the neighbourhood,” says Rantala.

The racetrack also plays a central role in building and developing an equestrian centre currently planned in Vermonniitty.   

Local services available to Vermonniitty’s residents will improve further when the building work in Hatsinanpuisto, which used to be partly wasteland, starts on the eastern side of Ring I next to Leppävaara. An office area, a business centre and, possibly, a 12-storey hotel will rise in the area. Restaurant and business premises will open at street level in the office buildings. Homes for three hundred residents will be built in the eastern part of the area, near Vermo.

Building work of Hatsinanpuisto will proceed in phases from west to east, starting from the easternmost office block next summer.