Town Planning

A town plan is necessary for urban construction. City planners determine the kind of city that Espoo is, while town planners focus on individual blocks.

The plan indicates what (e.g. housing) can be built on the marked area and how much. The plan also identifies e.g. the green areas, conservation areas and traffic areas. Often the plan also contains detailed regulations concerning the construction method.

When an area has a valid town plan, a construction permit can be applied for from the Building Control Centre in accordance with the town plan.

Information about current plans

 Town Planning Projects – the website (in Finnish) contains information about the display of various town plans for public inspection and the opportunities to influence these plans. In addition, the page allows you to monitor decision-making concerning a particular plan and browse any material that is on public display. The most recent plans of a project can always be found here.

Espoo Map Service  allows you to see the pending sites on a map with a single glance. The town plans under preparation are presented as draft plans for public inspection in Länsiväylä and Hufvudstadsbladet as well as in the planning review that is published annually.

Town planning is an ongoing process. New town plans and revisions to existing plans are simultaneously prepared; just over one third of the land area of Espoo is covered by a town plan.