My Espoo on the Map: residents’ development ideas

In the My Espoo on the Map survey, Espoo residents expressed their views on what their hometown looks and feels like in their everyday lives. Around 6,600 Espoo residents responded to the survey carried out in the autumn. They marked nearly 70,000 places and development ideas important to them on a digital map.
The examination of the extensive material will continue for a long time. Each response will be processed, and the entire material will be at the city planners’ disposal as they develop Espoo.

We have already reviewed a number of the development ideas marked by Espoo residents on the map, and we will present some of these ideas on this page under various themes by means of text, illustrations and quotes.

More illustrated ideas will be published during the spring of 2021, and more results will be published as the analysis of the material proceeds.

The survey was carried out in cooperation with Aalto University. The analysis of the material has started at the Espoo City Planning Department and Aalto University where the material is processed as part of the NordGreen project, which explores the health-enhancing effects of the local environment.

The first two themes of the My Espoo on the Map development ideas are Verdant city and Vibrant city.

Verdant city! 

My Espoo on the Map illustration. A hedgehog and a fox are sitting on the grass. In the background, there are different kinds of buildings, a cyclist, people, a lake, a park and a sailboat.

My Espoo is a verdant and lush city where nature is an integral part of the urban landscape. It is a modern, functional and architecturally glorious city where new construction is beautiful and of high quality.

“New construction should focus on creating a functional centre with city blocks.
The areas outside of it should be reserved for low-rise buildings.”

“Green areas and forests should not be trimmed too ‘geometrically’; instead they should look natural”.  

Vibrant city

My Espoo on the Map illustration. A fisherman is showing a fish to people sitting on the terrace of a coffee shop.
​My Espoo has recreational areas and squares as well as leisure services by the water and nature. They bring life and services to both the city and its natural sites. We should value our green areas and invest in their development and conservation. 
“Espoo needs meeting places, including ones where you don’t have to buy anything; for the use of residents or groups of friends.”
“It would be great to have a beach with a building like the one at Lake Kuusijärvi in Vantaa, with a restaurant, sauna and dressing rooms.”
“I love the idea of a sauna-café. There are several suitable places along the river. It could be close to the station in a more urban environment or a bit further away but still easily accessible.” 

My Espoo on the Map survey inspired Espoo residents to come up with ideas for their city

Ideapictures, based on answers from survey: Rasmus Rosenblad, City Planning Department.