Master plan for the northern and central areas of Espoo to be put on display

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2020-09-02 10:39

The new master plan reconciles objectives and creates the framework for the city of the future 

Residents of Espoo will be able to examine the new master plan for the northern and central areas of Espoo when the plan proposal is put on display on 7 September 2020.

The new master plan creates the framework for the urban environment and well-being of future generations. Its goal is to steer long-term development while reconciling population growth, urbanisation and carbon neutrality. The more detailed planning of the area will be carried out with local detailed plans in the next few decades.

Nature and services close to residents

Future residents of northern and central Espoo will be able to choose to live in either denser urban centres or new urban single-family house areas. The urban centres will be able to ensure the availability of services that require a sufficient pool of residents. In areas consisting primarily of housing, areas reserved for single-family housing have been increased or the possibilities for implementing them have been strengthened since the draft phase.

Dense construction in urban centres will leave more space for natural environments. The ecologically, culturally and historically notable green spaces and water bodies of northern and central Espoo are preserved in the new master plan. Approximately half of the planned area will consist of recreational areas, forests, conservation areas and green spaces in the future as well.  

The planning map includes all current conservation areas and new conservation areas based on the proposed Uusimaa 2050 regional land use plan. The conservation area plan notations have been changed to protected area notations, enabling a broader range of protection measures.

Public transport and cycling promoted

The sustainable growth of Espoo is supported by rail transports. The City Rail Link to Kauklahti and the construction of a fast railway line from Espoo to Salo are important projects for northern and central Espoo.  The new master plan enables local train connections to be extended to the new centres of Hista and Myntinmäki.

Public transport services between the urban centres will be improved: the plan proposes the establishment of fast trunk connections from Kalajärvi to Vihdintie and Leppävaara and from Espoo centre to Jorvi via Lommila. These trunk connections can be initially implemented as bus lines and later as light rail lines, if the population and demand for public transport increase.

Preconditions for cycling are to be improved. To this end, the plan proposes the construction of fast cycling corridors from Kalajärvi to Vantaa via Vihdintie, to Espoo centre via Viiskorpi and over Lake Pitkäjärvi to the direction of Leppävaara. In addition to this, the plan proposes the construction of cycling corridors from Hista to Espoo centre via Mynttilä and to the direction of Kauklahti.

The plan proposal is the result of extensive cooperation

The master plan for the northern and central areas of Espoo was drafted in extensive cooperation with various stakeholders, reconciling various interests. The proposed master plan is based on feedback from residents and comprehensive reviews regarding the urban structure, transport and the environment. The plan proposal and associated background reviews is published on 2 September 2020 on the City’s website.

The included visual material can also be viewed as paper printouts. The planning map and attached other maps, planning ordinance and explanation of the plan will be on public display at the City of Espoo Technical and Environmental Services’ customer services office (Tekniikantie 15, 2nd Floor, Otaniemi), at the Entresse, Kalajärvi and Karhusuo libraries and at the Espoo City Council House (Espoonkatu 5). The Technical and Environmental Services’ customer services office will also have printouts of the reviews concerning the planning area conducted in 2018–2020.

The plan proposal will be on public display from 7 September to 20 October 2020. During this period, residents, businesses and other involved parties may make objections regarding the proposal, which will be processed in the master plan’s preparation and decision-making.

Link to project page: Master plan for the northern and central areas of Espoo.
Link to the City Board’s minutes.