Master plan for the northern and central areas of Espoo, 722300

Plan proposal on display in autumn 2020

The aim of the master plan is to ensure sustainable growth in northern and central Espoo. Housing construction and jobs will be focused along good public transport connections. The area will include villages and urban centres, jobs, nature and cultural environments.

Further information about the public review period is available on this page: Kaavaehdotus

Master plan responds to the challenge of change

The master plan covers more than half of Espoo’s land area. The current master plan for Espoo’s northern parts entered into force in 1997. It is no longer able to respond to the challenges of the growing capital region and the changing city.

The new master plan will steer housing construction, job clusters and the transport network as an interconnected whole. Concentrating homes and workplaces in urban centres will make it possible to preserve the surrounding natural and cultural environments. The current urban centres in northern and central Espoo will develop further and new ones will be built along public transport connections. The Espoo–Salo direct rail line will include two new stations for local traffic: Hista and Myntinmäki.

Aiming at a carbon-neutral Espoo by 2030

The new master plan will create the conditions for sufficient housing production, excellent public transport and the upcoming Länsirata railway line. The master plan will bring 60,000 new residents and 11,000 jobs to the area by 2050. Their exact locations and designs will be determined later in local detailed plans.

Espoo aims to become carbon-neutral by 2030. We are building a sustainable future along railway lines and promote new forms of construction, mobility and use of innovative energy solutions.

Master planning process