Component Master Plan of Kiviruukki

Ortokuva 2017The upcoming Kivenlahti metro station will be the terminus of the West Metro extension. The component master plan will specify the needs to change land use arrangements in the area influenced by the Kivenlahti metro station. The construction of the metro station will enable the development of Kivenlahti as an urban area of housing, jobs and services that utilises public transport. 

The metro station will be built in the centre of Kivenlahti, situated to the south of the Länsiväylä motorway. The centre and the surrounding residential areas are delineated by the sea in the southwest side.  The south side of Länsiväylä is a fairly densely built-up area, where development opportunities are primarily found in complementary construction. The most significant potential for change in terms of land use in the area can be found in the Kiviruukki industrial area to the north of Länsiväylä, near the metro station. 

City of Espoo's commitment to regional goals and ensuring easily accessible public transport zones through zoning efforts is an essential starting point for the preparation of the plan. Through an agreement between the state and the municipalities in the Helsinki region, the city has committed to zoning a significant amount of housing along the metro track, among other locations. The Kiviruukki component master plan supplements land use in the metro zone.

The City Planning Department issued a building prohibition for numerous areas in the Kivruukki component master plan area on 14 September 2016. Read more here (in Finnish).