Component Master Plan of Finnoonsatama, 840500

Aerial photograph/Component Master Plan of Finnoonsatama

Various arrangements for developing the Finnoo area have been explored over the years. The functional and land use-related vision was prepared jointly for the Finnoo and Kaitaa areas in 2011. A public international idea competition was held for the planning of the Finnoonsatama area in 2012, and an assessment of the impacts of the dredging, filling and dumping activities was prepared in accordance with the Act on the Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure. The assessment was completed in 2014. In the component master planning of the Finnoo area, the key starting point was the Board's decision to move the Espoo water treatment plant from Suomenoja to Blominmäki. The total size of the Finnoo development area is approximately 300 hectares.

After the proposal phase, the Finnoo area has been divided into two plan areas. The northern part will retain the plan title “Component Master Plan of Finnoo”. The southern portion has been named the “Component Master Plan of Finnoonsatama”.

The Finnoonsatama component master plan specifies land use for the master plan survey area in the southern parts of Espoo and for possible changes to the master plan. The planning area is approximately 119 hectares in size. The area includes the Finnoonsatama area and the islands of Pirisaari and Ryssjeholmen. The Finnoo marina is the busiest and most extensive of its kind in Espoo, currently boasting some 1,000 berths and approximately 1,300 positions for winter storage. The component master plan will enable the development of urban seashore living with cityscapes and port areas.

The area is primarily owned by the City of Espoo. The island of Ryssjeholmen is privately owned.