Master Plan for the Southern Parts of Espoo, 800000

The master planning area of the southern parts of Espoo consists of the greater regions of Leppävaara, Tapiola, Matinkylä, Espoonlahti and Kauklahti. A significant share of the area is covered by a town plan.

According to the master planning objectives approved by the City Council, Espoo anticipates a population of 300 000 in total by 2030 and a number of jobs that corresponds to a 100 % self-sufficiency. In accordance with these objectives, the master plan focuses particularly on the development zone of south-east Espoo and Länsiväylä Highway, which is extended from Espoonlahti to Kauklahti.

The City Council approved of the Master Plan for the Southern Parts of Espoo on 7 April, 2008. The decision by the Supreme Administrative Court concerning the appeals submitted due to the approval of the Master Plan for the Southern Parts of Espoo was issued on 29 January, 2010, and the Council’s decision to approve the Master Plan became legally effective at the same time.

The Supreme Administrative Court partly repealed the Council’s decision. The repeal concerns:

  • the recreation area (V) marked on the Lilla Julholmen estate
  • the area reservations for an industrial and warehouse area (T); a compact, low-rise residential area (A2) and a public services and administrative area (PY) marked on the southern side of Ring III in Näkinmetsä
  • the residential area reservation (A1) marked on the industrial area of Karamalmi

The Master Plan was publically announced as effective on 7 October, 2009, under Section 201 of the Land Use and Building Act, based on the decision made by the City Council (21 September, 2009, Section 10) already before it had become legally effective in terms of the parts that were not addressed in the appeals to the Supreme Administrative Court.  Since the Master Plan has become legally effective and a public notice has been issued on 17 February, 2010, the Master Plan has also become effective in terms of the parts that were addressed in the appeals, with the exception of parts repealed by the Supreme Administrative Court.

The official planning map is available from the Real Estate Department.