Master Plan for the Northern Parts of Espoo, Part II

The Master Plan for the Northern Parts of Espoo, Part II, covers the northernmost sections of the city, e.g. Nuuksio. The main purpose of the plan is to protect the natural values of the region.

Recreation areas cover half of the planning area and nature reserves take up just under one fifth of the area.

The Ministry of the Environment (YM) confirmed the plan on 11 January, 1999. Two small sections in a holiday home area were left unconfirmed. These sections belong to estates that the state has acquired for the Nuuksio National Park.

The plan became legally effective on 10 April, 2001, with the exception of the nature reserves and recreation areas SL1, SL3 and V1 on the Vällskog Övergård estate. The Supreme Administrative Court (KHO) repealed the Master Plan with regard to these areas.

The official planning map is available from the Real Estate Department.