Component Master Plan of Kera, 132700

A Component Master Plan will be implemented to determine the land use of Karamalmi, Kera station area and Nihtisilta in Espoo. The character of the location will change from a workplace-dominated area towards a focus on housing. The key starting point for the creation of the plan is the decision of the Trade and Competitiveness Division (3 December 2012) to suggest the City Planning Committee to initiate partial master plan efforts to develop the area around the Kera station. The intention is to develop the area into an urban residential area that unifies the community structure and utilises public transport.

Currently, the plan area is primarily dominated by workplaces. In fact, it is one of the largest workplace areas in Espoo. The highest concentrations of workplaces in the plan area can be found in Karamalmi on the north side of the coastal railway, the area around the Kera station, and the Nihtisilta and Kutojantie area. The majority of the residents in the plan area live in the Nihtimäki area, which is dominated by houses.

The area is primarily owned by private individuals.

The City Council approved the component master plan on 23 January 2017. An appeal on the component master plan has been lodged with the Helsinki Administrative Court.

The Helsinki Administrative Court dismissed the appeals against the Component Master Plan of Kera in its decision on 21 May 2018 (18/0290/5).
The Administrative Court’s decision was not appealed against to the Supreme Administrative Court. The Component Master Plan has entered into force (a public notice was issued on 29 August 2018).

The official planning map is available at the City Survey Department’s customer service.