Component Master Plan of Kaitaa-Iivisniemi, 840300

The goal is to establish a metro line and a station in the area and develop it into an urban housing and business area that unifies the urban structure and relies on public transport. The recreational and conservational values of the area are protected.

The planning area covers approximately 250 ha and lies between the urban centres of Espoonlahti and Matinkylä. The area consists primarily of fairly spacious detached housing. The centre of the area is located in Iivisniemi to the south of Kaitaantie Road. The cohesive structure of the centre is formed by low-rise apartment buildings built in the 1960s, in addition to a small shopping centre. Hannusjärvi Lake lies on the northern side of Kaitaantie Road, and an unbuilt forest area, Hannusmetsä, is located to this north of the lake. The north-eastern side of the planning area contains an area known as Hannuksenpelto for small-scale industry.

The commercial services of the area are located in the fairly small shopping centre of Iivisniemi on the southern side of Kaitaantie Road. The area is also home to Kaitaa School and Senior Secondary School as well as a day care centre, while Iivisniemi School and its day care centre are located further south. At the southern point of Hyljelahti stands Villa Museum Villa Rulludd with a café and a private catering service. The planning area is home to about 3 600 residents and contains 320 jobs (in 2010).

The largest landowners in the area are the City of Espoo and the City of Helsinki, which owns approximately 52 ha of the Hannusmetsä area. The constructed areas with detached housing and the areas of Hannuksenpelto are mainly owned by private persons.

The City Council approved the component master plan on 11 June 2018.

An appeal on the component master plan has been lodged with the Helsinki Administrative Court.

The official planning map is available at the City Survey Department's customer service.