Component Master Plan of Central Park II, 850000

The planning area is located between Finnoontie Road and Vanttila as an extension to the area covered by the Component Master Plan of Central Park I. The area is c. 400 ha. The City Council approved of the Component Master Plan on 17 December, 2004. An appeal concerning the Council’s decision was submitted to the Helsinki Administrative Court, which issued a decision that rejected the appeal on 7 June, 2006. The decision made by the Administrative Court is legally effective and the Component Master Plan became effective after it was publicly announced on 16 August, 2006.

The Central Park is the most significant large and unbroken green area in the densely populated southern Espoo. The goal is to create an unbroken green zone together with the recreation areas of the Component Master Plan of Central Park I.

The Central Park in Espoo became a general concept in master planning and regional planning in the 1970s. The significance of the Central Park as a local recreation area has continued to grow. The recreational use of the area increased rapidly in the 1980s when e.g. outdoor recreation routes and ski tracks were developed.

Component master planning of the Central Park began in 1981 when it was decided that the Central Park would be divided into two parts for planning purposes. The City Planning Committee approved of the programme for the Component Master Plan of Central Park II in 1993.

The official planning map is available from the Real Estate Department.