Component Master Plan of Blominmäki, 620000

The Blominmäki component master plan area is located in Western Espoo, south of Turunväylä along Ring III. The master plan area is approximately 130 hectares in area. The Blominmäki component master plan was announced as valid on 25 June 2014 by virtue of Section 201 of the Land Use and Building Act and based on a City Board decision (16 June 2014 § 189) before it even entered into legal force for the parts which were not subject to complaints submitted to the Supreme Administrative Court. On 20 May 2015, the Supreme Administrative Court dismissed a complaint regarding the Blominmäki component master plan, and the component master plan has entered into force (announced on 3 June 2015).

The Blominmäki component master plan makes it possible to place a regional wastewater treatment plant built in the bedrock in Espoo’s Blominmäki district. Most of the planning area has been allocated as recreational areas, which secures its conservation as part of the wider Espoo greenbelt network. Two residential areas, which will expand the existing settlement in Kauklahti, will be allocated south of Ring III, along with an industrial and warehouse district for the depot facilities operating there and for vehicle access to the excavation tunnel of the treatment plant in the bedrock. The plan prepares for the expansion of Ring III into 2+2 lanes and allocates a space provision for the short-cut line between Espoo and Salo.

The official planning map is available at the City Survey Department’s customer service.