City Planning

Local detailed plans

Local detailed plans are needed where building is dense. They regulate building and other future land use. The local detailed plan is a map with explanations and regulations. The size of the area varies.

Every year, there are some two hundred local detailed plans and plan revisions pending. When there is a local detailed plan in force for your area, you can apply for a building permit based on this local detailed plan at the Building Control Department.

Where City planning is currently going on in Espoo?

View Espoo map see, where city planning is going on today in Espoo. Click on the map on the plan of your choice for more information.

Unfortunately, at the moment all the detailed information is only in Finnish. However, at the bottom of each town plan web page you will find the contact information. You may always contact the Customer services, too, if you would like to learn more about land use plans that are being prepared.

In the Espoo Map Service, you may find town plans in force, too.