Architecture competitions

Espoo is a growing and developing city that wants to build an aesthetic and ecological environment together with its residents. The aim is to plan and build a city where people, communities, nature and culture have all been considered. This can be achieved by strengthening the cooperation between residents and communities and by involving them more in planning the city.

One aspect of the cityscape design and development are architectural and city planning competitions which are aimed at gaining new ideas and visions for city planning. The aim is to find new solutions based on which we can start preparing the town plan reform and refine the planning of districts into reference plans.

One important part of the cityscape design is the various programmes and development projects in which the residents and organisations of districts get to share their ideas for revitalising various city districts. The programmes and development projects are aimed at encouraging residents to participate in envisioning their residential district and to brainstorm ideas that they would like to personally carry out for the betterment of their district.