Urban Planning

Urban Planning Department

The aim of urban planning in general and land use planning in special is to ensure good conditions for developing the city and lay the foundation for a pleasant living and working habitat. Espoo’s Urban Planning Department produces two kinds of land use plans: master plans and local detailed plans (also called town plans).

Land use planning is usually reconciliation of colliding views and interests. Land use planning in Finland is based on the Land Use and Building Act.
 Local inhabitants shall be given the opportunity to take part in the preparation of a land use plan.

What is the purpose of a master plan?

A master plan indicates the general principles of future land use in the city. The plan shows the location of and connections between different functions in the community, like residential areas, services, work places and recreational areas. The master plan is the frame for the local detailed plan. Master Plan

What is a local detailed plan?

A local detailed plan is a detailed land use plan based on the more general master plan. The local detailed plan shows regulated building sites and building volumes, and zones for different land use, like dwelling, work places, services, traffic and recreational areas. The plan also contains detailed regulation of new buildings in the area.
Local detailed plans: Town planning

Land use permits

To deviate from building regulations in the local detailed plan, you can apply for an exception. To build in a sparsely populated area you may need a permit to build on a site without a local detailed plan in force. You also need the city’s consent to parcel out a new building site in a sparsely populated area.

More information from land use permits:
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