The garden city of Tapiola is designed for the natural landscape and human dimensions in terms designed. Tapiola, aiming to unite the convenience of city life close to nature.

Tapiola is located in the heart of the metropolitan area close to freeways. It is bordered from West to Ring Road II and from the north to turunväylä. Its components are the Westend, Haukilahti, Mankkaa, Laajalahti, Ruukinranta and  Niittykumpu.

Buildings and the Environment will merge Housing, leisure, work and services constitute a whole, where everything is close by. Courtyards and gardens continue to the forest environment, the natural state of the rock forests and open grassland parks. Walking and biking trails lead through the gardens, yards of the sea shores.

WeeGee, Kamu, Emma, Sinfonietta - State of the art

Tapiola Choir and Tapiola Big Band have reaped international acclaim. The numerous festivals attract film, jazz, piano and choir music enthusiasts from far and wide. Espoo Cultural Centre is the main venue for performing arts in Espoo. The Cultural Centre is the home of Tapiola Sinfonietta (the Espoo City Orchestra) and Espoo City Theatre, famed for its guest productions.

WeeGee is an active centre of museums, art, exhibitions and events. It houses EMMA, Finland’s largest museum of modern art, Espoo City Museum, KAMU, Finnish Toy Museum, Finnish Museum of Horology, Helinä Rautavaara Museum, a café and a shop.

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Tapiola in 2025

Otaniemi is growing over the ring road - space science and the economy

Aalto University's main campus is in Otaniemi. Finnish strengths The University is built on a new, international university. Aalto University of science and art meets technology and business.

Helsinki University of Technology and VTT in Otaniemi transition from a course towards a unique and diverse center of excellence to emerge. Otaniemi operates more than 500 technology companies and more than 30 000 people are studying and working there.

The metro takes Tapiola to a new aera

Tapiola will develop strongly in the near future. The western metro line will strengthen Espoo’s ties with Helsinki. There will be four metro stations in the Tapiola area: Keilaniemi, Otaniemi, Tapiola and Jousenpuisto. West Metro.