Northern Espoo

The diverse Northern Espoo is surprisingly near everything that you need.

Northern Espoo, or Pohjois-Espoo in Finnish, is the northernmost area in Espoo. It is like countryside within a city, an intricate mosaic of villages, traditional landscapes, vast farmlands, lakes, business areas as well as old forests in their natural state. Only one fifth of the extensive area of 120 square kilometres is covered by a town plan. The Ring III and Vihdintie roads run through Northern Espoo, residential areas are mainly located in eastern and southern parts in communities such as Järvenperä, Niipperi and Kalajärvi. The northern and western parts mainly comprise of small villages and the Nuuksio wilderness area.

Just twenty kilometres from all the city services, the hustle and bustle fades and another kind of reality is revealed with pure nature and peaceful residential areas. The district surprises visitors with its originality. Instead of an urban scene, one encounters untouched nature and varying terrain.

Jobs are mostly situated next to traffic routes.

Northern Espoo has approximately 5 500 jobs and the number is expected to exceed 8 000 by the year 2030. The jobs are mostly located along Ring III in Juvanmalmi and Koskelo, where one can find miscellaneous small businesses and special stores for bulky goods. Landscaping and garden construction services have been gathered into Marketanpuisto.

There are four stores selling daily consumer goods in Järvenperä, Niipperi, Kalajärvi and Lakisto. In addition to existing services, new service hubs of various sizes will be developed in the next few years which will include public, commercial and other services. Plans for big stores in the southern and eastern parts of Northern Espoo are underway.

Roughly three thousand new jobs are expected in Northern Espoo. They will be located mainly along Ring III, particularly in the intersection of the current job areas and the Kalajärvi–Ring III axis, which is under development. A business area with a unified appearance will be erected in Juvanmalmi, enabling the construction of small-scale industry, shops and other services. Jobs are also created in the heart of the village areas to accommodate for the condensing urban structure increased daily needs.

Northern Espoo also aims to support remote work. In the future, it may contain workshops and local amenities, such as local food outlets, necessary for small businesses.