Espoo's residents are very fortunate to have magnificent natural settings for outdoor and recreational pursuits.  The seashore beckons everyone from joggers to sunbathers and swimmers. Iso Vasikkasaari, an expansive 25-hectare area, is open to all. It can be reached from Nokkalanniemi. For boaters, there are two guest marinas, which serve as launching points for nearby islands and the open sea.

Service centre for residents

The District of Matinkylä offers a range of basic services as well as privately operated day care centres, a Steiner school and upper secondary school. Suurpelto will be home to a multicultural and international education centre Opinmäki.

Residents are also served by the Iso Omena Service Centre.

In addition to shops, restaurants, cafes, a cinema and bank services, the shopping centre also boasts its own library and gallery.  The shopping centre will be expanded upon completion of the metro and transit bus station.

Suurpelto – next generation park city

Suurpelto is being planned as a diverse residential, service, recreational and corporate centre. A wide range of housing alternatives offer residences for any phase of life.  The area's first day care centre is already open and there are plans for an international school.

Suurpelto is the biggest greenfield construction site in the district of Matinkylä, with plans to build housing for 10,000 people. In addition to residential construction, the area will also have retail stores and local services.  Two high-rise tower blocks will also be erected among the apartment blocks. In addition to owning a home, residents will also have a range of rental properties from which to choose.

Suurpelto is located just adjacent to Espoo's Central Park. A third of the area is reserved for parks and green zones. Suurpelto offers unimpeded access to both Central Park and the Rantaraitti route via green belts. Henttaanpuro Brook, which was integrated into the landscape plan, runs through Suurpelto.