Leppävaara is the largest and most active of Espoo’s centres. It is like a city inside a city, where constantly moving flows of people and traffic create hustle and bustle.

Walk, ride a bike or take a train

Services, shops, workplaces, exercise and recreational possibilities are within walking distance. Time is not wasted on moving from one place to the next, so you get to enjoy life. 

From now on all Helsinki-Turku long-distance trains will stop at Leppävaara instead of Espoo Centre. As bus services in and around Leppävaara are frequent,  the new arrangement will facilitate transfers from long-distance trains to local traffic services.

Schools for all

Leppävaara is an active education centre that provides opportunities to study for all ages. In addition to the extensive network of comprehensive schools and the general upper secondary school with a sports emphasis, Leppävaara has Metropolia’s technical degree programmes to offer, as well as the education provided by Laurea University of Applied Sciences and the Adult Education Centre.

The Finnish School of Watchmaking is currently located in Leppävaara. Juvenalia Music Institute is located in the Sello Shopping Centre.

The Arla Institute, a national special needs education centre, is located in Puustellinmäki.

Leppävaara offers versatile cultural and entertainment services for every taste.

The Sello Hall, located in Southern Leppävaara, attracts music enthusiasts to classical as well as pop music concerts, exhibitions and events.

Centre of sports and outdoor activities

The vast Leppävaara Sports Park of dozens of hectares is the vital hub of the area. This green and multifaceted sports park offers great opportunities for both outdoor activities and indoor sports.

Leppävaara is also a dream location for fans of horses. The traditional Vermo trotting-track assembles equestrian sports enthusiasts to exciting trotting races. The Kilo stable and Leppävaara Manor offer excellent horse riding opportunities for horse fans.

The sports park includes a track and field stadium, among other things, serving as a stage for national and international sports events. Fitness trails winding round beautiful forest scenery provide you with energy in fresh air.