The small, idyllic regional centre is one of the oldest densely populated areas of Espoo, which is characterised by old buildings and intertwined layers of different eras. 

Kauklahti is a verdant, small town thriving under the foliage of oaks and other fine trees, exuding peace and attracting inhabitants to live a genuinely unhurried life.

Kauklahti is located on the western side of Espoo. The area of 26 square kilometres can be accessed via the Rantarata railway, Ring III and Kauklahdenväylä Road. The settlement and industry have gathered along the railway, and only a fifth of the area has been zoned.

The new development era of Kauklahti started with the 2000s. The small centre is gradually expanding to the adjacent areas. In the cultivated areas farther off, one can still see horse pastures, glass-covered horticultural plantations and berry cultivations.

Vanttila School, Hansakallio School, Espoo Coeducational Secondary School and Library, Kungsgårdsskolan and several day care centres are all found in the area. Kauklahti offers particularly good public services for those who speak Swedish.

There is a small centralisation of services in the centre near the station. Palttina Village House comprises common facilities for the residents in addition to a daycare centre. A block of service flats for the elderly is located in the centre. Health care services are available near the centre of Espoo.