Kaitaanlaakso ideacontest

The City of Espoo and Lappset Group Oy will organise an ideas competition regarding the Kaitaanlaakso green area. Aimed at landscape design students, the objective is to find a plan that would develop the area into a functional park area. The plan should take into consideration the increasing density of housing in the area, increasing recreational use and restrictions due to flying squirrels. In addition to the aesthetic and experiential aspects of the green area, the plan should also consider the relevance of the current functions.

The competition period will run from 17 September 2018 until 7 January 2019. An information session regarding the competition will be held in Espoo in the autumn as part of the "Sense of Place" seminar. The competition results will be announced at the Viherpäivät event in February 2019.

An increasingly dense and growing area

The site covered by the Kaitaanlaakso ideas competition is located near the future Kaitaa metro station, in the Kaitaa–Iivisniemi local plan area where the efficiency of land use is being improved. The aim is to develop an urban residential and working area that unifies the community structure and relies on public transport. According to the new, as of yet unratified local plan, the area will have about 6,000 new residents in addition to the current 3,500 residents. Based on the Finnoo-Kaitaa vision, there will be a total of 20,000 new residents living near the new metro stations by 2030.

Dates to remember

11-12 October 2018 the seminar "Sense of Place"

7 January 2019 entries to the contest must be submitted

14-29 January 2019 a popular vote on the contest website

6 February 2019 the results will be published at the Viherpäivät event in Jyväskylässä

Questions concerning the contest

1. Hi, I am a landscape design student from Lepaa. I am in the final stretch of my studies and aim to graduate by 31 December 2018. However, my studies will definitely continue at least until 20 December 2018. Can I still participate in the Kaitaanlaakso ideas competition even if I graduate before the end of the competition? I am creating a plan with another student who will graduate later.

ANSWER: You can participate if you are a student during the competition. It is OK if you graduate before the work is submitted or the awards are announced.

2. Hi, my question is connected to participation in this year’s ideas competition organised by LAPPSET. We have a team where one member is studying the design of built environments at HAMK. I am studying landscape architecture in Sweden at SLU (Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet). Can we participate in the competition as a team?

ANSWER: Your team has the right to participate in the design competition.

3. Right to participate (section 2, page 3/10):

“Students of landscape design, environmental planning and landscape architecture from Finland and Estonia can participate in the competition alone or in teams.”

Question: where is the limit? Do I need to be a student at the end of the competition, when the awards are announced or when? Or can I graduate before that, even immediately?

ANSWER: You can participate if you are a student during the competition. It is OK if you graduate before the work is submitted or the awards are announced.

4. Current activities (section 11, page 9/10)

Consideration of current activities: if there are already activities in the area, such as allotment garden plots,
a) do they need to be kept unchanged or can they be increased or reduced?
b) Can their locations be changed?

ANSWER: a) The number of allotment garden plots (40 pcs, approximately 10 x 10 m) must be kept the same or increased. The allotment garden area can otherwise be modified in terms of size.
b) Locations must remain unchanged.

5. Competition entry structure/required documents (section 13, page 10/10)

a) Are the locations of the general plan and conceptual renderings tied to the boards (1 & 2) or can they be placed elsewhere?
b) Can the description be folded organically inside plate 1, can it be placed alternatively in board 2, or must it be concretely and separately attached to board 1 of the design?

ANSWER: a) The place of the general plan is tied to board 1. Conceptual renderings can also be placed in board 1 if you only submit one board
b) The description can be folded organically inside board 1 if this is necessary for reasons of presentation. The maximum total length of the description is one A4 sheet.

6. The introductory tour of the area pointed out areas that must be kept, such as playgrounds, the dog park and allotment gardening plots. Do they need to be kept the same size and in the same location or can their placement, shape and/or size be changed?

ANSWER: The location and size of playgrounds and local exercise areas can be freely changed. The dog park will remain unchanged. The number of allotment gardening plots (40 pcs, approximately 10 x 10 m) will remain unchanged, but the area can otherwise be altered.

7. In areas with ditch drainage, is the soil peat or clay? Is there a detailed soil map of the area?

ANSWER: The soil is mostly clay and some parts have less than 3 m of clay and/or silt on sand/moraine. There is a soil map available in Espoo’s map service: https://kartat.espoo.fi/ims levels -> Maps -> Map of quaternary deposits

8. When and where can we find the maps of planned pedestrian and bicycle traffic routes, future metro stations and Maptionnaire results, etc., that we saw in the seminar? Is the metro shaft that will be built next to the west “entrance” visible anywhere?

ANSWER: The materials presented in the seminar will be published on the ideas competition website on 5 November in conjunction with the distribution of the seminar materials. The metro service shaft that will be built next to the park’s west entrance is not in the competition area. A service road connection to the service shaft will go through the design area. Its location is presented in the extract of the park plan and in the separate file ote_metron_huoltokuilu.dwg.

The files in OneDrive

9. Will there be overhead lines left in the area, or is it planned to move all existing power lines underground? Is it necessary to maintain the existing cut-outs of the tree stand to leave room for the overhead lines?

ANSWER: There will be no more overhead lines in the area. The lighting system will get its power from underground lines. It is not necessary to maintain the existing cut-outs of the tree stand.


The competition programme gave an incorrect address for submitting competition entries.

Please send your entries to the City of Espoo Registry Office instead!

Postal address: City of Espoo Registry Office, P.O. Box 1, 02070 CITY OF ESPOO. Visiting address: Siltakatu 11, Espoon keskus.

If you have already sent your entry to the address mentioned in the competition programme (Kannunsillankatu 8, 02770 Espoo), kindly contact Mikael Ahlfors (contact information below) to ensure that your entry will be forwarded to the right address.

We apologise for the error.

Further information

The city of Espoo: Mikael Ahlfors, Planning Horticulturist, tel. +358 438 272 833, mikael.ahlfors@espoo.fi

Lappset Group Oy: Aarni Mertala, Concept Manager, tel. +358 400 328 481, aarni.mertala@lappset.com