Housing construction in Finnoo begins with Djupsundsbäcken

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2017-11-01 14:39

Illustration of Djupsundsbäcken from West. Illustration: Architects Anttila & Rusanen Ltd  / Ramboll Finland Ltd.

The construction of maritime Finnoo begins in earnest after the town plan of the first housing production area, Djupsundsbäcken, became effective in mid-September. Part of the metro zone, Finnoo will be built to become an easily accessible and sustainable district.

The Finnoo–Djupsundsbäcken town plan, approved by the city council in February 2016, became effective on 13 September 2017 after the Administrative Court rejected the complaints lodged against the plan. Within the plan area, it is possible to build housing, a comprehensive school serving the entire Finnoo district, a day-care centre and recreation areas.

Housing construction schedule takes shape

“With the adoption of the Djupsundsbäcken town plan, housing construction in Finnoo will be launched. The aim is to start construction during 2018. Searching for parties interested in construction will begin after the conditions for the transfer of land are complete,” says Head of Technical and Environment Services Olli Isotalo.

The city owns the greater part of the entire 300-hectare Finnoo development area. Elsewhere in Finnoo, town planning is still waiting for the completion of the planning for new component master plan areas – Finnoo and Finnoonsatama.

Construction based on Espoo's sustainable growth

“Located next to the upcoming metro station, Djupsundsbäcken will be created as a green and verdant, energy-efficient, low-emission district utilising new energy solutions, with wooden blocks of flats planned, among other things,” describes Project Manager Kimmo Leivo.

Sustainable solutions guide the implementation of the entire Finnoo area, which is evident in plan and energy solutions, conditions for the transfer of plots as well as construction materials. Nature values and the diversity of nature are taken care of by preserving the valuable wetland and its birdlife.

“The metro will integrate Finnoo into the regional and national rail traffic network, which contributes to the attractiveness of the area,” Isotalo says.

Finnoo will be built to become a district of 17,000 inhabitants, the high centre of which will be created around the metro station. The greater part of the construction will be housing production ranging from tower blocks of over 20 floors to low terraced houses. A park connecting the centre of the district to the seashore will make the sea part of the whole Finnoo area. The area will mainly be complete in the 2030s.

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