The rapidly expanding city of Espoo in the western side of Finland Capital Metropolitan area will have a seaside residential area Finnoo which be home to almost 20,000 residents.

Finnoo can be characterized by its location, the last undeveloped costal area in metropolitan area running from beautiful archipelago seashore to pine growing granite hills, total development area that of 2,5 M sq yards.

Finnoo has a great connection to make sure it can be reached by all and by all means.  A detailed planning is put on pedestrian and bicycle accesses and lanes. 

Seaside building and the natural islands in front of Finnoo formed an exceptional possibility for people to live by the sea and the marina as well as the Finnoviken bird wetlands.

The marina will be developed into a pedestrian and cycle-friendly neighborhood, and become an important part of the walking and cycling route spanning the southern Espoo shoreline (Rantaraitti). Different sections of Finnoo are connected with lush parks. Even a wet-land nature sanctuary will be formed to Finnoo.

Environmentally good subway will go underneath and bus lines drive through Finnoo. Interstate road 1 runs on the north side of Finnoo with a modern exit to Finnoo for those travelling by car.

Finnoo took the victory in the Witty City Programme competition

Finnoo’s comprehensive energy plan took the victory in the Witty City Programme competition of Tekes in April 2014. Finnoo will be the internationally recognized example, of energy efficiency and building sustainability area development. 

The plan is to make the whole of Finnoo an energy-efficient and carbon-neutral district. As for the sustainability goal of Finnoo many matters are related to production of energy and to use of energy.

First step is to find ways to keep the usage of energy as low as possible. Second is to cut down the peaks of energy consumption and storage of energy to the moments when the need is highest. Local renewable energy production is third step and low-emission local combined heat and power production is fourth.

There will be open district heating, district cooling and electricity networks in Finnoo area. Every building can buy and sell energy via open networks based on hourly market price. Same price mechanism will manage energy flows and also demand side management located in every building.

All type of solutions can be integrated to open networks and all type of solutions treated equally regardless of ownership, technology and location. Heating will be operated by low-temperature solutions that provide utilization of local waste or surplus heat. Targets for entire energy system in Finnoo are energy efficiency maximization and CO2 emission minimization as well as peak shaving and high share of renewable, recycled or reused energy.

Residential buildings will use both solar and geothermal energy. One of the first new energy innovation that will be implemented is street structure are filled with geothermal energy collecting pipes. During the summer extra heat from the building cooling systems is returned to ground with the same pipelines.