Life by the Sea

The regional centre of Espoonlahti extends from the Finnoo valley to the border of Kirkkonummi, limited by the Gulf of Finland in the south and by the forests of Espoo Central Park in the north. The total area of the region is about 3,700 hectares. In particular, it is known for its seaside atmosphere and wonderful recreation opportunities.

Espoonlahti is home to almost 54,000 people

The old suburbs are already in need of redevelopment. The most significant development targets for the future are the new residential areas in Saunalahti, Finnoo and the Espoonlahti centre. It will see complementary construction and a new look for the centre, Iivisniemi will experience new and complementary construction in the fringe areas, and Kivenlahti’s metro area will be given an urban touch.

Its city structure breathes freely. It is easy to sense that sea is close by, the islands of forests serve as good rest areas, and echoes of the agricultural landscape of yore help the observer take in the built landscape. Espoonlahti is close to nature and comfortable in spirit. The suburbs are unique, each with their distinctive characteristics. This area is good to live in. Urban housing blends in with nature. The long, impressive vistas of Espoonlahti are being preserved and the characteristics of the island-type city structure emphasised.