Relaxed, sustainable living

Espoo Centre is Espoo's western gateway to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Multifaceted, unique Vanha-Espoo (Old Espoo) is comprised of a compact urban centre, historic cultural landscapes, village communities and numerous green zones.

Close to nature and full of life

Vanha-Espoo is an historic, spiritual and administrative centre. Its plan calls for a sustainable community, in which every need is conveniently located nearby. Approximately one-fifth of the nearly 100 km² district is zoned. Vanha-Espoo is full of as yet unrealised possibilities.

Innovation at InnoOmnia

Omnia provides vocational education to some 10,000 students, over half of which study in Espoo Centre. The Joint Authority of Education in the Espoo Region also consists of Omnia Youth Workshops, Omnia Apprenticeship Training and Inno-Omnia, where artisans, new types of service providers, students and coaches work together.

The campus is filled with activity and doors are open to not only the students and Omnia faculty, but also area residents, clients and entrepreneurs. The campus restaurant, Henricus, serves organic and local foods.

Helsinki Metropolitan Area residents can enjoy Oppivat Kädet ("Learning Hands") cosmetology services as well as the experiential services offered by Espoo Centre campus' Hyvinvointikeidas ("Well-Being Retreat"), Tietopalvelukeskus ("Information Service Centre") and Omnia Shop.

Neighbouring national park

In Vanha-Espoo, nature and outdoor recreation are an integral part of the neighbourhood. The local terrain is rugged and varied. Espoonjoki River winds through the area.  Large, pristine wilderness areas retain their natural state.

Urban living in Espoo Centre

Located just next to the mass transit station, the administrative centre is being made into a more liveable environment. Activity plazas, which would serve as the venue for presentations and performances, or as an ice skating rink in the winter, are planned for construction next to the City Council building. Liveability and the number of residents are both expected to increase in the future.

In Espoo Centre, all services are nearby

All services and transit connections will remain concentrated around the transit station. The transit centre will integrate bus and train traffic to form a convenient whole. Social welfare and health services will also be kept in the central area. Espoo Centre's Samaria Health Centre provides everyday health services. There are plans for the Perheiden talo, where family and social welfare services will be brought together under one roof.

Located on the outskirts of Espoo Centre, Jorvi Hospital has plans for expansion in the near future. New, municipal mass transit connections will make getting to the hospital easier.

The administrative centre is the governmental heart of Espoo, where a portion of the municipal departments and municipal government are located.  In the near future, Espoo Centre will move away from the concrete slab structures of the 1960s and more toward a ground level approach to building.

More commercial services - Espoontori and Entresse to be joined

The Entresse shopping centre houses over 40 speciality shops, a library and the municipal archives. Commercial services will be further improved over the next decade. Entresse will be doubled in size when it is joined together with the Espoontori shopping centre.

Straddling the Turku motorway, the Lommila shopping centre and Nimismiehenpelto will be simultaneously developed. In the future, Lommila will be home to a variety of retail services, such as furniture, hardware and grocery stores. Kirkkokatu and Espoonportti are part of the parkway uniting Espoo Centre with the Lommila commercial and employment centre.

Suvela is a multicultural residential area

Suvela's municipal green zone was built in the 1970s, right in the middle of a rugged pine forest. The panoramic view from flats in the tall tower blocks is breathtaking.  Suvela offers its residents excellent local services and bus and train connections.  The suburb is entering the renovation phase of its development, with projects already underway.

Stylish Tuomarila

Tuomarila's trump cards are its excellent train connections and recreational facilities. Completed in the 2000s, Tuomarila's Kulovalkea subdivision is popular among families with children. Located around the transit station, the compact, high-quality style of the area buildings is pleasing to the eye. The colours used on the brick or plastered facades blend well with the natural landscape.

Traffic connections will be further improved

Area traffic connections will improve over the next decade. Plans include a widening of the Turku motorway, improvement of Nupurintie and improvement of Ring III to the west of Espoo Centre. Main street connections and light traffic routes in Espoo Centre will also be improved. The Lohja−Salo rail line will pass through Espoo Centre and the Hista area. Espoo Centre will become a transport hub.