Espoo Centre

Located by the railway, Espoo Centre is Espoo’s heart. It is currently undergoing an extensive renewal.  Espoo Centre combines excellent traffic connections, versatile and constantly improving services and multiculturality with a traditional Finnish cultural landscape. The evolving urban centre is located right next to the Espoonjoki River. The Espoo Cathedral, the most important historical building in Espoo, also stands by the river. The Cathedral is the seat of the Diocese of Espoo of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, and the home church of the Espoo cathedral Parish and the Espoo Swedish Parish.

The extensive development of Espoo Centre will continue in 2018. The area will be transformed from an old cluster of office buildings into a more inviting area with homes and workplaces. Old buildings will be demolished and replaced by new residential, business and office premises. Espoo Centre will also include a new Espoo House where Espoo residents and city staff can encounter.

Further information about the development of Espoo Centre:

Project Director Mikko Kivinen,

Twitter: @kivinenm