Water main of West Espoo to be commissioned – Dämman water treatment plant to close at the end of the year

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2016-11-18 12:33

The water main of West Espoo will be commissioned for water supply in November–December. After the commissioning, the Dämman water treatment plant in Espoo will be closed.

The new water main will improve water quality, the reliability of water supply and the sufficiency of water in Espoo and Kirkkonummi as the number of inhabitants increases. In the future, water can be supplied from Helsinki to Espoo via two independent pipelines.
Once the water main of West Espoo has been commissioned, we will produce water for the entire Helsinki Metropolitan Area from two water treatment plants, Pitkäkoski and Vanhakaupunki. Both plants acquire their raw water from Lake Päijänne and follow a standard treatment process.

The commissioning of the water main will take place in stages, starting from 21 November. During the commissioning, the boundary of the Kauniainen pressure zone will change. This may cause changes in water flow directions in the following areas:

Espoon keskus

Precipitate may come off from the walls of water pipes due to changes in water flow directions and pres-sure variations. If water is brown or turbid, turn on all taps, until water is clear. If water does not become clear after 10 minutes, please call the fault centre of HSY water supply, tel. +358 9 1561 3000.

More information about the commissioning