Information and customer service

Information is available on the groundwater conditions and geotechnical site investigations in the city, as well as information on soil suitability for building and how to prepare for the occurrence of radon.

The materials are available (subject to a fee) in City of Espoo’s eCity service (Pohjanpoika).

A map and site investigation compilation is available for customers, which contains (basic package):

  • the soil map
  • the  constructability map
  • the basemap
  • the geotechnical site investigation diagrams printed in an image file

For an exclusive area, the following are also available:

  • drilling diagrams
  • sample and vane auger data
  • digital geotechnical site investigation files (Finnish Infra -format)
  • groundwater information
  • radon data

For a preliminary understanding of soil conditions, visit the 1:10,000 soil map in Espoo’s map service (Select what information is shown on the map - Maps - Map of Quaternary Deposits).

The Geotechnical Unit conducts  geotechnical site investigations only for the City's own projects. Information on companies carrying out  geotechnical site investigations can be found on the website of the The Finnish Association of Consulting Firms SKOL.

Geothermal heat wells

The Geotechnical Unit maintains information about the underground facilities and geothermal heat wells in Espoo. The drilling report of any completed geothermal heat wells is to be delivered to the Geotechnical Unit’s customer service. The drilling report form can be retrieved using the link at the bottom of this page. Returning the drilling report does not require a personal visit to the Public Works Department. The drilling report can be returned to the Geotechnical Unit by post or email to the address shown at the bottom of the form.