Rock materials of foundations

 Picture, rock materilas of foundation

  1. The parent material of the soil of the building site
  2. Bearing aggregates or capillary-break aggregates; as conditions dictate
  3. Coarse fill, screened coarse fill, or fine fill, depending on the layer thickness. Screened fine fill for protection fills of sewer and water pipes
  4. Capillary-break aggregates to cut off the rise of water into structures, the filling thickness greater than the measured capillary elevation of the product
  5. Subsurface drain aggregate, RIL II or crushed stone 5...8/16 mm
  6. Fine fill
  7. Rock dust or screened gravel for levelling of the base
  8. Crushed stone, cobblestone or coarse gravel
  9. Ventilation piping
  10. Subsurface-drain piping

(Source: Lohja Rudus)