Building and soil

Various provisions and regulations oblige municipalities to adequately survey the quality of soil in areas where zoning and construction activities take place. These soil studies compiled and conducted by the municipality are also useful for house builders, both in the plot purchase and pre-planning phases.

The Geotechnical Unit has drawn up soil maps for the entire Espoo area, offering constructors information about the soil and constructability of plots.

Building the foundations of a detached house on rock, moraine land or compact cohesionless soil is relatively unproblematic. Problems normally occur on soft ground, which in Espoo are usually clay. According to the Ministry of the Interior’s National Building Code of Finland, the quality of the foundation must normally be examined in advance for each construction project subject to a licence.

The method of foundation can be reliably determined only based on a proper geotechnical analysis and a geotechnical plan based on it.

The choice of foundation method depends on the quality of the soil and the magnitude of its load.