Plot subdivision and change thereof

When the detailed plan has entered into force, a  plot subdivision  is prepared in the area at the request of the landowner. The plot subdivision is a block-level plan on how the block will be divided into building sites. The preparation of a plot subdivision takes approximately 2.5 months. 

A separate plot subdivision or a change thereof  is made at the written request of the owner of the area, if sufficient preconditions exist. The preparation of a plot subdivision for a detached house property costs €1,100 if there are 1–2 new plots, and each subsequent plot costs €220 extra. Other plot subdivisions or changes thereof cost €1,400 if there are 1–2 new plots and, and each subsequent plot costs €280. 

A fee for an exceptionally labour-intensive plot subdivision or change thereof is charged according to the person-hour price list in force at the time. 

Experimental calculation for a sale 

At the request of the landowner, an experimental calculation may be carried out in the city-plan area, which is a proposal on the kinds of building sites that can be formed in the area. The experimental calculation map can be used, for example, as an attachment map to a deed. The minimum fee for experimental calculation is €110. 

Additional information is available at the customer service of the City Survey Department tel. 09 816 25500