Owner enquiries

Real estate ownership information is maintained at the National Land Survey of Finland. The national customer service number of the National Land Survey of Finland is 029 530 1110. When asking for ownership information, you need to know the property identifier. 

The City of Espoo maintains the ownership information of the real estates and parcels in its own area in order to be able to fulfil its statutory publication obligations. The owner information is automatically updated from the National Land Survey of Finland. In terms of the  contact information of owners , the city only receives the contact information of private persons living in Espoo from the Finnish Population Information System. 

However, the city does not automatically receive changes in the contact information of real estate owners not living in Espoo or property manager information of housing companies. In order to keep our register up to date, we need to receive this information from the parties concerned. You can send new contact information by email to  tonttiyksikko@espoo.fi  or you can call 043 824 6639. Please include details of the real estate or parcel to which the new information relates, as well as the new contact information: name of the owner, any c/o information and postal address.