Planning and parcelling of building sites in detailed plan area

Customer service of the City Surveying is closed 12.-25.7.2021

The City Survey Department handles parcelling of real estates in the detailed plan area. After the detailed plan has entered into force and before parcelling, a subdivision plan must be prepared for the block areas. The subdivision plan describes the types of buildings sites to be included in the block. If the plans of the landowner change later on, the subdivision plan may be changed, if necessary, provided that the regulations of the detailed plan and any already used building right allow it. 

When the subdivision plan is ready, the next step is plot parcelling. At the end of the plot parcelling procedure, the plot is entered in the Real Estate Register. 

The City Survey Department maintains the Real Estate Register in the city-plan areas of Espoo. Outside the city-plan areas, the National Land Survey of Finland is responsible for maintaining the Real Estate Register. The National Land Survey of Finland also handles parcelling and other cadastral procedures outside the city-plan areas.