Mission Leppävaara: city planning interaction in a virtual city

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2015-01-23 9:53

Dive in to Leppävaara’s city model and have your say!

The City Planning Department of Espoo has published a city model of Leppävaara in Espoo. The virtual model helps picturing the area’s planning and construction projects as well as their preliminary ideas. The programme is a browser-based 3D tool that helps co-operation and enables the utilisation of citizens’ place knowledge and ideas in city planning.

You can explore the interaction platform of Mission Leppävaara at Tehtävä Leppävaarassa

Facebook page

“The service enables for the first time in Finland open interaction on city planning by both the city residents and city planners in an easily perceived virtual city. It is in this way that we can utilise the thoughts of residents in future planning. We hope to receive comments and suggestions in general from all interested parties,” says Leppävaara Project Manager Mika Rantala.

In the pilot phase, the limited interaction area of the application focusses on the centre of Leppävaara. Ongoing planning and construction projects can be found by clicking the logo of Espoo, while existing interesting sites are marked with a star. There are dedicated symbols for housing, green areas, services, exercise, hobbies and danger zones.

Mission Leppävaara is a meeting place for planners and city residents

The main goal of the pilot is to get city residents involved in city planning and the discussion that takes place on that topic. With the help of various tools the city residents can make suggestions and support the ideas of others. Projects can also be supported and shared on social media and the Tehtävä Leppävaarassa Facebook page.

The city model can be looked at from different compass points and heights. It helps to picture the placement and size of buildings as well as the shadows they cast.  The user can adjust the shadows according to both the time of day and year. The Leppävaara city planning team will follow the suggestions and go over them regularly and answer questions on the Facebook page of the service.


Mika Rantala, Leppävaara Area Project Manager, City of Espoo
tel. +358 46 877 2843

Lea Keskitalo, Information Officer, City Planning Department, City of Espoo
+358 46 877 2478