HSY: Samples are uncontaminated, water can be used as usual in Alkutie in Espoo

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2016-11-25 14:18

The previously announced request to boil water is cancelled. Water samples are uncontaminated; water can be used as usual.

If tap water is murky, has strange colouring or smells odd, let the water run until it is clear again. If you let the water run for some ten minutes and no improvement is seen in the water quality, please contact HSY's  technical emergency number, tel. 09 1561 3000 or Espoo Region Environmental Health Authority, tel. 09 816 23900.

Customers will be compensated for a break in the domestic water supply according to the Water Management Act and general delivery conditions and terms of HSY Water Services. The compensation for over a 12-hour-break will be taken into account later in the water bill of the property, whereupon there is no need to submit a separate application to HSY.

If the deviation of the water quality has caused personal injuries or mate-rial damages, compensation must be separately applied for in writing. The application for compensation should be sent to the address: HSY:n kirjaamo, PL 100, 00066 HSY or send an email to the address: kirjaamo(at)hsy.fi. HSY recommends preparing the application collectively via the property manager.