Information for the neighbours of a construction site

It is advisable to keep up to date with the building permit process of a neighbouring property to safeguard your own rights. Neighbours must be notified when an application for a building permit is submitted, unless notification is clearly not necessary with regard to the neighbours’ interest, due to the smallness or location of the project, or due to the contents of the plan.

‘Neighbour’ refers to the owners and other holders of adjacent or opposite properties. All neighbours who have the right to be heard can examine the documents related to the building project at the Building Control Department’s office.

Further information about the hearing of neighbours is available in Finnish in the instructions Naapurien kuuleminen rakennushankkeessa (“the hearing of neighbours concerning a building project”).

Negative effects of construction

As a general rule, the negative effects of construction site activities are not the responsibility of the Building Control Department. If you encounter problems, you can contact the city’s environmental health care unit, parking control, the Public Works Department or another authority in the situations mentioned below.

Construction sites

The City of Espoo’s environmental protection regulations include provisions on the control of dust, noise and vibration produced by construction sites (e.g. permitted hours for any work that causes exceptionally disturbing noise). The City of Espoo Environment Department monitors compliance with the environmental protection regulations.

Any acute traffic issues caused by a construction site or damage caused by blasting or other construction site activities are handled by the police, if necessary.

Constant parking issues caused by a construction site should be reported to Espoo’s parking control.

Street maintenance and other excavation work

The City of Espoo Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of streets and street gutters. Excavation work in public areas (streets, parks) requires an excavation permit from the Public Works Department. If you have questions about permits or problems related to such work, please contact the customer service of the Public Works Department.

Noise and housing health

If a new, completed building causes noise nuisance inside neighbouring buildings, please contact the City of Espoo’s environmental health care. Matters related to the housing health of old buildings are also handled by the city’s health inspector.

City of Espoo as a neighbour

When the City of Espoo is a neighbour of a project site, the Building Control Department will carry out the hearing free of charge.

If a neighbour’s consent is required from the City of Espoo, it can be requested by sending the completed neighbour’s consent form (pdf, in Finnish) and the required attachments to The form will be processed within approximately 2–4 weeks by the Building Sites Unit of the City of Espoo.