Building permit

We at the Building Control Department

  • give instructions and advice about building and impact on the environment,
  • give instructions on building design,
  • approve permits for building,
  • supervise the construction work.

Building permit

For the construction of a building, you require a building permit.

You also require a building permit for

  • extending a building or increasing its gross floor area,
  • substantially altering the intended use of a building or part thereof.

You require a building permit for repair and alteration

  • when it is comparable to new construction,
  • when it may affect the safety or health of the users of the building,
  • when it has significant impact on energy efficiency.

The building project must be in keeping with the local detailed plan (town plan), if there is one. The plot/site must be measured and registered.

When we approve the building permit, we also approve the master drawings of the building project. The plans shall meet provisions and regulations as well as good building practice. The building shall be suitable for the location and it may not cause unwarranted harm to neighbours.

The planners and foremen of the building project must meet certain qualification requirements. The principal designer oversees the entire design and its quality and keeps contact with the Building Control Department.

Officers at the Building Control Department give instructions and advice about the permits you need and the application process.

After the permit is granted, before the construction work starts, a foreman in charge must be named and an official start-up meeting must be held. Experts at the Building Control Department supervise the construction work and can give more instructions if needed.