A phone call can sort things out

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2012-11-27 14:09

As well as a phone, the tools of the costumer services manager comprise a computer, strong nervs and a desire to help.

Jaana Junkkari began her career as a park designer for the City of Espoo in 1989. After working in many jobs relating to the creation of green spaces and working with the environment, she has ended up as the head of customer services of Espoo’s technical department to advise residents and help find solutions to their problems.

”Sometimes we give advice on getting rid of giant hogweed, snails and water pouring in from the neighbours. Other times we work out weather the ground will allow construction of traffic calming measures on a particular stretch of road.

The tecnical centre’s customer service responsibilities include roads, green spaces, playgrounds, city properties and parking issues. Junkkari’s biggest challenge is handling the vast quantities of information. In order for the advice service to run smoothly and for things to progress, you need to know about the city’s technical operations, but also about things from other disciplines.

Settling issues advising and talking with residents are what Junkkari enjoys.

“Most of the customers are lovely. They provide feedback and it’s often positive. On top of that we have a wonderful gang here at work with a real can-do attitude.”

“We direct matters to the right person so that it’s easier for the customer.”

Technical centre customer services tel. 8162 5100.

The whole story is published in the address www.espoomagazine.fi.