Housing and environment

Espoo is a network city comprising five city centres and several local centres. Espoo is growing and developing by the railroad and metro. Good services are close everywhere, but so is nature. Espoo is the second largest city in Finland. There will be 300 000 residents in Espoo by the year 2020.

The municipal government promotes comfortable and safe neighbourhoods, good connections and services and new job opportunities. Technical and Environment Services is in charge of the premises for schools, early childhood education and other municipal operations. We build and maintain roads, parks and recreation areas, we take care of the environment and make land use plans to supply the growing city with building sites. We promote a versatile supply of dwellings at fair prices and support housing for different segments of residents. In the future, transverse public transport in the Helsinki metropolitan region will be enhanced when the Jokeri Light Rail connects the West metro and the railway.