Help available for Vastaamo data breach victims

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2020-10-27 17:34

If you are a victim of the Vastaamo data breach, have received an extortion email or are worried about the situation, there is help and support available in Espoo:

Other helplines:

Remember to also report the offence to the police. Read the police instructions on reporting an offence. There is no rush, you can report the offence in the next few days.

Instructions on what to do if your information has been leaked and how to protect your identity:

The City of Espoo has no direct client relationship with Vastaamo. The patient and client information of the City of Espoo is secure, and the data breach has no connection to the patient and client information systems of the City of Espoo. The information stolen in the data breach does not endanger the information security of the city’s systems or the confidentiality of patient information.